Making Your Home Cozy For The Holidays

Dated: November 9 2020

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With the recent cold snap we’ve had, it’s time to start thinking about dressing your home for the holidays. Generally, in the summer, people prefer their homes to be minimalist and breezy so that nothing traps heat or humidity in. However, nothing sounds more inviting in the winter than keeping the heat in and making your home as cozy as possible. Here are some of our favourite ways to keep your home cozy for the holiday season.

Update Your Bedding

In the summer people tend to go for smooth sateen, crisp cotton or linen for their bedding. If you want your bed to keep you toasty and warm, opt for flannel or jersey. To make your bedding even more inviting, fold a quilt or throw blanket over the foot of your band as a handy option for the nights that are especially cold.

Keep Slippers By Your Bed And The Door

Is there anything worse than getting out of bed and stepping on cold hardwood? Keep your feet fuzzy and happy by having a pair of slippers right by your bed and the front door. This is also great for home maintenance as you won ‘t be tracking in snow or salt from outside!

Throw Some Throw Pillows Around

You’ve seen those big snuggly throw pillows and blankets in stores – has anything ever looked more huggable? Grab one or two to add texture to your couch (or if you are looking for a more affordable option just change the covers on your existing pillows!) to make your space look and feel cozier. Our favourite patterns are cable-knit, boucle and velvet.

Swap Your Rugs

Flat-weave and sisal rugs are perfect, durable and airy floor treatments in the summer. But if you want to keep heat in your home, you’ll need something with a little more pile. Not everyone has the budget to get a giant area rug, but if you layer smaller rugs in strategic spots like in the bathroom, by your bed, under the coffee table – you’ll be able to achieve that cozy feeling in the holiday season.

Consider Soft Lighting

Daylight savings means our evenings get darker much quicker than in the summer. Harsh overhead lights make it hard to fall asleep or feel comfy at home. Consider using table lamps with warm-toned LED lights for a candle-lit glow that will keep you awake without having strained eyes.

Put Your Memories On Display

While the right bedding, and blankets and rugs can keep you warm, this tip is to make your heart feel warm while at home. Hang up your holiday cards on display on your mantel along with photos from throughout the year. There’s nothing cozier than feeling like you’re surrounded by the ones you love.

We hope you like these suggestions! Please let us know which ones you’ve tried. If you have any additional ideas that aren’t listed here, let us know in the comments!

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Making Your Home Cozy For The Holidays

With the recent cold snap we’ve had, it’s time to start thinking about dressing your home for the holidays. Generally, in the summer, people prefer their homes to be minimalist and

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