Carve out a space for your home office

Dated: September 22 2022

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Big or small space, there is always a way to create a functional workspace.

As the pandemic rolled out, working from home became the norm for many. But, it can be difficult at times to find a place to feel productive and dedicated to your work.

No matter where you live, spare room or not, you can still carve out a space to call your home office.

5 ways to create your very own dedicated office space:

1.Change your living room layout

A lot of people find themselves working on dining room tables. However, you can actually utilize the space in a living room by just reconfiguring the layout to create something functional and aesthetic.


  • Push your sofa against the wall to make room for a small writer’s desk, or place a slim desk behind your sofa as you would use a console. 
  • Try adding a corner desk so it’s tucked away, like a reading nook.
  • If there is a window, think about placing the desk in front of it, where you can take advantage of natural light.
  • Place some decorative baskets beside or below your desk to store computer equipment, files and supplies. 

2. Use multi-functional furniture that doubles as a work surface

Consider using furniture that can be used in more ways than one. This saves space, money, and the stress of having to find a location for a desk.


  • Use a sideboard, buffet table or storage bench to store office supplies.
  • Place a mirror above a desk in your bedroom and have it double as a makeup table.
  • Get a mobile island that locks in your kitchen. You’ll have a countertop that doubles as deskspace, and you can move it in and out of the way when you are done.

3.Repurpose a closet

This idea is becoming ever so popular. It creates a functional space that can be hidden as needed. But, be warned… It may require some purging of your closet!


  • Using part or all of a closet or an armoire, add a narrow table or sturdy shelf (at desk level) that fits within. 
  • Add shelving above with baskets for light materials, cables or files. 
  • You can also choose a fold-down desk for an all-in-one storage solution and a larger desk space.
  • Pull up a chair during the work day. And, simply close the doors when you are done.

4.Divide the room

It can be distracting to see your bed while working, so add separation. If you can spare the space within an existing room in the house, simply add some division.


  • Add a folding room divider screen.
  • Hang curtains to create a fabric wall.
  • Install mid-sized bookcases to use as dividers that also double as storage on either side.

5.Clean up the shed or garage

At first thought this may not sound ideal. However with some purging and clean-up, conventional storage places make for beautiful office spaces. You just need to be mindful of what to keep, and add charming decor for motivation.


  • Purge and remove anything you haven’t used in a year.
  • Place all storage items within boxes, on shelves, or in garage-friendly cupboards.
  • Invest in some floor boards, turf or rug to lay down (you do not need to get it professionally done).
  • Install a desk and some lighting, and add a heater for when it’s cold. 

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