Bye-Bye Slippers, Hello Heated Floors!

Dated: November 2 2020

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We’ve all felt it at one point in our lives. Stepping right out of our cozy warm bed only to touch the freezing floor. Hopping out of a warm shower and landing straight onto frigid tiles. Sure, you can wear slippers around – but why not prevent the issue altogether with a luxurious renovation? This year, we want you to make the most of working from home and invest in the little things that make a big difference. This year, say goodbye to your slippers and say hello to heated floors! 

Heated floors, also known as radiant floor heating is not necessarily as extravagant of an investment as you may think! Here are some huge benefits that should help you strongly consider installing heated floors in your home. 

It’s Energy Efficient

It may sound counterintuitive, but getting heated flooring will actually make your home more energy efficient! If your home runs on a traditional radiator they often need to be heated to a high temperature to warm up your home (around 65-75 degrees Celsius) in order to heat your home effectively. Floor heating only needs to be run to about 29 degrees or even less depending on the floor finish you choose. This means, you are using less energy and keeping your bills lower while effectively warming your house! 

No Cold Spots!

Another trouble with traditional heating systems like radiators is that they tend to heat up the air nearest them first. As a result, there will always be cold spots in your home. In those instances where you have really hot spots close to your heating source, it’s likely you’ll open a window to bring some fresh air in. But in doing so, you’re letting out all that energy you paid for which means you are not effectively heating up your home! 

Heated flooring will never overheat your home. It achieves the desired temperature set by you using an on-the-wall thermostat while saving you an average of 15% on heating bills. 

It’s Low Maintenance

One of the worst things you can possibly undergo in the winter is a heater that stops working in the middle of a cold snap. Let’s face it, as much as we love our heaters, they tend to break. With heated flooring it’s very unlikely you’ll ever have to worry. They’re extremely low maintenance and most come with multiple decade guarantees for total peace of mind. You can set up your heated floors on a programmable thermostat, on a smart Wi-Fi thermostat – it works hard so you don’t have to! 

More Space & Design Freedom

When you have a traditional radiator in your home it takes up a fair bit of space. Many people try to decorate around them or cover them up. If you have central air, you’ve got vents everywhere in the house that stand out as eyesores because they cannot be covered up. Heated floors take away all of the clunk of traditional heating systems and let you decorate your walls and your rooms as you wish. This is especially perfect for people who like the minimalist look. 

So what are you waiting for? The future is now – try out heated flooring! If you already have heated flooring in your home be sure to let us know what other reasons you have for loving it.

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