Making The Most Of Your Garage

Dated: October 29 2020

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Whether it was planned or not, for some reason the garage ends up being the dumping ground of most people’s homes. We want to help you take back your garage and prevent it from becoming the scary room you avoid in your house. 

Invest In Vertical Storage

A common tactic that people do when storing things is to lean big bulky items like lawn equipment against the walls of the garage. But doing this you take up serious square footage and it becomes a nightmare to navigate such tightly cramped spaces. Instead, invest in a pegboard panel and hang your rakes, shovels, pruning sheers and even your wheelbarrow. No more tripping! But don’t let your creativity stop there! Remember that while peg boards don’t come in every colour in the rainbow, you can paint them to suit the style you are going for in your garage. You also have free reign over the bins you want to use. Design your garage as you were designing your living room and you will love it forever.

Another excellent opportunity to store things vertically is by nail wire shelves to a blank wall and fill them with labelled bins. That way, there will always be a home for everything you need but they will be tucked away in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the space. If your garage is inviting to the eyes you will visit it more and use it better.

Create A Gardening Station

Rooms work better when they have purpose. By purchasing a small workbench and placing it in your garage, you can define an empty corner of your garage as a gardening station. This will prevent you from taking your gardening messes indoors. To define the space better, you can add hooks above the workbench for your watering cans, paper towels, and gloves. For heavier things, you can install a shelf just above for soil and planters.

Colour-Coordinate Your Workspace

Another way to give your garage a sense of identity and purpose is to colour-coordinate. It is possible to bring style into your garage that is also functional! If you are a fan of the modern farmhouse look, considering using wire bins for storage as well as metal stools and racks. To add extra style, don’t be afraid to paint the walls and floor of your garage to add some more personality. Just make sure that the paint you use is suitable for the space you are painting.

Consider Built-Ins

Those built-ins tend to be a more expensive option, there is no denying how beautiful they look. Built-in cabinets hide clutter for those who prefer to not even see their neatly labelled bins on display.

Try A Slatwall Organizer

One of our favourite recommendations is a slatwall organizer. This is perfect for people who love the shiplap look and want a functional yet pretty look to their garage. Slatwalls are similar to pegboards but they let you hang whatever you like – tool holders, baskets and hooks in whatever arrangement you like while never minimizing on design!

How will you make the most of your garage? Be sure to send us your photos of your garage renovation projects. It’s easier and more fun than you think!

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Making The Most Of Your Garage

Whether it was planned or not, for some reason the garage ends up being the dumping ground of most people’s homes. We want to help you take back your garage and prevent it from becoming the

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