What Is A Pre Delivery Inspection?

Dated: May 31 2021

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Pre Delivery Inspections are an exciting time for new home buyers. If you are purchased a brand new house, you put a lot of trust in the builder to complete your home based on the standards and requirements you agreed to when you both signed the contract. To ensure that everything lives up to your expectations per the contract, a pre delivery inspection is available as a last chance for the builder to fix anything up before you move in.

A Pre Delivery Inspection is conducted with both the buyer and the builder at the same time. You are welcome to bring in an independent home inspector for a second opinion or to conduct the inspection, if you like. During the Pre Delivery Inspection it is up to you and/or the independent inspector to survey and test the new home for any issues.

Pre Delivery Inspections occur approximately one to two weeks before your closing date. This is to give the builder enough time to complete any outstanding work or fix any issues that were found during the inspection.

During your Pre Delivery Inspection you will into to inspect all areas of the house – including the exterior. It is important then when you are performing the Pre Delivery Inspection that you shout out any issues you see immediately. If you don’t mention it right away, you will be stuck with it once you move in or will have to pay to have it fixed later.

Even if you are hiring an independent inspector, here are some things you should take note of when touring the house:


While bedrooms don’t have many specific features, you will want to look at the flooring and walls the most. Have the floors been installed well? Is the paint the right colour? If you ordered a custom closet system, does it look like it was installed properly? Did you add any details to the rooms?


Check all the toilets to make sure they flush properly. In fact, you will want to turn on every faucet in the house, including the showers. This is to check water pressure and if it drains properly. Make sure all mirrors are hung straight and that the tiles have been installed well.


It is likely this is where you will spend the bulk of your time during the Pre Delivery Inspection. This is because you will want to pay particular attention to any upgrades you paid for. Are the right counter tops installed? Do all the cabinets and drawers open and close the way they should? Are there any dents on them? Look at the backsplash, are there any visible caulking or grout issues? Ensure that all the appliances are the ones you purchased and that they are in proper working order.


Outside of the house, you will want to inspect the windows, driveway, garage door, brick word, driveway and front door. Make sure everything is aligned properly and looks well installed.

It is always best to perform a Pre Delivery Inspection with an independent inspector or a trusted family member or friend. This is a big opportunity to make sure your dream home is actually your dream home!

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What Is A Pre Delivery Inspection?

Pre Delivery Inspections are an exciting time for new home buyers. If you are purchased a brand new house, you put a lot of trust in the builder to complete your home based on the standards and

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