Frustrating Situations Sellers Can Expect

Dated: May 22 2021

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Selling your home is an exciting chapter in your life. You are ending your journey in your current home to begin a new one in your new home. However, some frustrating situations can crop up along the way. In order to mitigate your stress levels, here are some frustrating situations sellers can expect when selling their home. 

Feedback To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Your real estate agent will do a walk around of your property to see how to best market it. In doing so, they may provide a few suggestions on how to increase the value of your home. This could be painting, repairing, and even staging. This can easily frustrate sellers, especially those who have put a lot of love and thought into how they decorated their home. It is important to remember here, that as soon as you put your home for sale, you can no longer view the home as yours. As long as there is a sentimental attachment, it will show – making it harder for buyers to envision themselves there. Homes need to be staged and marketed for the average buyer, who may or may not share your tastes in décor. 

Last Minute Showing

Though the pandemic has changed the frequency with which this happens, it is entirely possible that you may have a last minute showing. This is because, no matter how scheduled you are for showings, the cost of turning down a last minute showing might cost you a great offer on your home. As difficult as it may be, once your house is on the market, do your best to keep it show-ready because you never know when someone is going to want to pop by for a viewing.

No Shows

The other side of the coin of showings that is equally as frustrating as a last minute showing is a no show. These occur when someone who has scheduled a viewing with your real estate agent to see the home, only to never show up at their allotted time. It is as if they vanished into thin air. No matter how well you market your house, how clean you keep it, sometimes no shows happen. While it is certainly frustrating, think about it this way – your house kept show ready was not specifically spruced up for them, and can quickly and easily be viewed by someone more serious.

Low Ball Offers

After all the headaches of preparing your home for sale, you finally receive an offer – congratulations! However, the offer you received is significantly below asking. What prompts this and how can the frustrating situation be resolved? By speaking to your real estate agent, you will get a better sense of why this offer came to be. Perhaps the buyer is aggressive and is looking for the best deal possible. Perhaps the buyer does not agree with your listing price. By talking it out with your real estate agent, sometimes it is possible to turn a low ball offer into one you can feel comfortable accepting. 

Are you having a frustrating situation in the steps up to listing your house? Please reach out to us here. We’d love to chat with you and help ease your stress.

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